About Parramatta Bridge Club

Session Venues

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday sessions are held at Burnside Community Hall, Blackwood Place, Burnside Garden Estate, Oatlands. Entrance via Glencoe Ave, off Pennant Hills Road near James Ruse Drive. ( Mon. & Thurs. at 10.30am and Wed. at 7.30pm. ) Saturday sessions start at 1 pm and are held at Carlingford Court, 3rd floor (Community Centre), cnr Pennant Hills Road and Carlingford Road.

Club phone number (session times only) is 0452 197 917

If it is your first visit to Parramatta Bridge Club just introduce yourself to the Director. If you're looking for a partner you might like to ring Marienne on 9639 9367.

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Parramatta Bridge Club has quite an extensive list of Bridge books in the club library.

Click here for the list of books available (and also to browse a sample of their contents) or to request a loan of any of them

"CARDS" Rating System

CARDS is a rating system for bridge players. Your rating in CARDS gives you a good idea of your current standing at bridge. This is so because the system takes into account the strength of your partner and that of the opponents. Ratings range from about 30 to about 70 with 50 being average. The majority of players are in the range of 45 to 55. The website will give you information about your current rating and it will give you details about every session you play at a club that is running the CARDS system. For each session you will see the name of your partner, your percentage, your placing, your expected placing and the impact of that session on your rating. You can also check where your rating places you in your own club. But first you must logon, using your ABF number and Surname. Click here to log on

ABF Alerting Regulations

It is important that everyone knows and follows the correct alerting procedures.
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